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A Disappearance in Damascus

Winner of the Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Non-Fiction:
In the midst of an unfolding international crisis, the renowned journalist Deborah Campbell finds herself swept up in the mysterious disappearance ...


By Kamal Al-Solaylee
Catégories: Social Science
Series: Défier

Winner of the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing

Finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Non-fiction and the Trillium Book Award

A Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Life ...

Dishonour in Camp 133

By Wayne Arthurson
Catégories: Fiction
Series: Captiver

Captain Mueller is dead. Hanged, apparently by his own hand. But ex-police officer and war hero Sergeant August Neumann doesn't think it's quite so simple. How could it be with blackshirts, legionnaires, ...

Into the Silence

By Wade Davis
Catégories: History
Series: Explorer

A magnificent work of history, biography and adventure.

If the quest for Mount Everest began as a grand imperial gesture, as redemption for an empire of explorers that had lost the race to the Poles, it ...


By John D. Pihach
Catégories: History
Series: Éclairer

Born the son of a Wyandot Chief in Kansas in 1849, Irvin Mudeater was a celebrated buffalo hunter—killing 126 in just one day—who ran wagon trains to Santa Fe, was caught up in the Civil War, and ...

Paris 1919

By Margaret MacMillan
Foreword by Richard Holbrooke
Catégories: History
Series: Éclairer

National Bestseller
New York Times Editors’ Choice
Winner of the PEN Hessell Tiltman Prize
Winner of the Duff Cooper Prize
Silver Medalist for the Arthur Ross Book Award
of the Council on Foreign Relations ...

Stolen Life

The powerful, major book, acclaimed across Canada, from the great-great-granddaughter of Chief Big Bear and Rudy Wiebe, twice winner of the Governor General's Award for Fiction. A story of justice and ...

The Inconvenient Indian

By Thomas King
Catégories: History
Series: Défier

WINNER of the 2014 RBC Taylor Prize

The Inconvenient Indian is at once a “history” and the complete subversion of a history—in short, a critical and personal meditation that the remarkable Thomas ...

The Noble Savage

By Stelio Cro
Foreword by Aubrey Rosenberg
Catégories: Literary Criticism

Stelio Cro’s revealing work, arising from his more than half dozen previous books, considers the eighteenth-century Enlightenment in the context of the European experience with, and reaction to, the ...