Frostbite Hotel

Frostbite Hotel

Hide Details By Karin Adams
Catégories: Children's Fiction
Series: Enchanter
Paperback : 9781459407060, 160 pages, James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Publishers
Septembre 2014


Kirby Katz has big dreams of making his fortune as an entrepreneur, just like his role model, hotel magnate William T. Williamson. But Kirby discovers that operating a "snow hotel" in the schoolyard comes with its own set of challenges: sourcing the best snow blocks, staff team-building, marketing, and competition from Brewster's Best Five-Star Inn, run by the Bear and his gang of the meanest kids in Grade 6. Worst of all, when Brewster's gang starts stealing Kirby's best ideas, all evidence points to a "mole" among his own staff.

Will Kirby?s vision for the Frostbite Hotel survive the cold reality of corporate recess espionage?


  • Short-listed, Hackamatack Children's Choice Award 2016
  • Short-listed, SYRCA Diamond Willow Award 2016


"This book has more laughs than a blizzard has snowflakes . . . If you enjoy stories of friends taking on a challenge, or a bully, then you should check in to the Frostbite Hotel and enjoy your stay."

- Suzanne Costner,

"A fun, quirky book with likable underdogs."

- Shannon Perry,

"This was such a refreshing story . . . [It kept me interested through the entire novel. The book was a pleasant surprise . . . Frostbite Hotel is the perfect story for readers in third, fourth, and fifth grade. I'm excited to introduce this book to my students in fourth grade. It can be read by individual students and/or would make a wonderful read aloud in classroom in these grade levels."

- Patrick Andrus,

"Karin Adams delivers with a winter-themed Frostbite Hotel . . . Adams really nails the elementary school relationships: the friendships, the fears, the strengths. Children reading this book will be able to identify with the characters in the book . . . This book is a winner! Looking for a good book? Frostbite Hotel is a great book for that student who is just ready for a longer book and is perfect for those who may be snowed in during the winter months!"

- Daniel Munson,

"[Frostbite Hotel is a delightful read about what it takes to fit in at recess out in the school yard . . . The bully issues dealt with are real enough to make this book relatable for kids. It open[ed lines of communication about business and bullying on the playground."

- Lorraine Leatham,

"Karin Adams isn't afraid to follow uncharted territory in Frostbite Hotel, a hilarious look at a budding entrepreneur who learns that success is about more than money."

- Charmagne Reimer de Veer,

"Kirby's entrepreneurial aspirations make Frostbite Hotel both original and humorous . . . Its format and the clear layout will attract young readers as will the readable style and regular series of mishaps . . . Libraries will find Frostbite Hotel a different addition for their collections, and inventive young readers will enjoy the book and may even be inspired to try its precepts in their own business ventures!"

- Aileen Wortley,

"This book is a delightful way to introduce basic business concepts without resorting to the traditional 'kids running a lemonade stand'. The best part of the story, however, is Kirby's solution to dealing with the playground bully. Kirby and his friends come across as believable kids trying to deal with playground politics."

- Kimberly Barber,

"I thought this was undoubtedly one of the most original children's stories I have seen in long time . . . The characters are cute and the story flows well and keeps you giggling at the mishaps along the way. I think kids and parents alike will enjoy this story. Children will no doubt relate to the struggles of the main character to find his place within the schoolyard, and parents can feel good about their kids learning something from this book as well as being entertained . . . Recommended for teachers, parents, grandparents and anyone who wants to have a good time reading with the little ones in their lives."

- Ionia Martin,

"If ever there was a book that's perfect for budding entrepreneurs, it's this one . . . I thought this was a pretty clever book. What better way to teach kids about the principles of (hotel) business than by inserting them into a novel? I liked that the lessons were incorporated in such a way that it doesn't feel like a lesson book and feels more like a natural progression of the story . . . As for the ending, I liked that it championed cooperation, not only in business but also in life."

- Marianne Reyes,

"Loved this Canadian tale of entrepreneurship, friendship and family. Many opportunities for reader discussions identifying and comparing adult solutions with kid interpretations. This will be a sure fire recommendation for young tycoons looking for a business plan that is combined with anti-bullying conversation."

- Karen Corso,

"Frostbite Hotel is a delightful romp through the ups and downs of recess politics. A fantastic addition to any elementary library collection."

- Michelle Scott,